Website Maintenance

You already have one or more websites and need changes made to them periodically, but either can’t do it yourself or don’t want to. Whether you need maintenance tasks done on a regular schedule or sporadic updates on demand; whether you want to give me specific tasks or let me do what I think needs to be done, I can accommodate.

Website Maintenance is a service for clients who already have a website (or several websites) and need to make periodic updates, but either can’t or don’t want to do it themselves. I can do all updates for you or just the ones you want me to do. And if something goes wrong with one of your websites, I can investigate it and fix it for you.

Website Maintenance can be as proactive or as reactive as you want.

Reactive Website Maintenance simply means that you tell me what you want done and I do it. I won’t even look at your website until you give me a task to do. if your website goes down and I happen to notice it, I’ll let you know but I won’t fix it until you tell me to.

Proactive Website Maintenance means that I am doing some tasks on a regular basis that we’ve previously agreed upon, and if that includes investigating and fixing any problems that occur then if I see that a site is down or has some kind of an error I will fix it without waiting for your specific approval.

The details of this service are tailored to your needs. I can be fully proactive, fully reactive, or somewhere in-between. I can make all the changes that need to be made on the website, or I can make only the ones you don’t want to make yourself. It’s all up to you.

Website Maintenance is billed at $1.25 per minute.


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