Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What languages do you work with?
A: All web development is done using a php/mySQL framework that I developed myself, which includes an administration section that provides whatever level of control over your website is appropriate given your skill set and your preferences. Each site is custom-made for you, but the framework allows me to keep the cost relatively low while still having complete control over every aspect of your website. I also use JavaScript wherever necessary, though I find that most tasks can be accomplished with php. Of course, every website involves html and css. With my framework, there is very little need for straight html. css (cascading style sheets) controls the way your website looks. I do not work with asp.
Q: What are your rates?
A: For hourly work, $60/hour. For larger projects, (about $1000 or more) I can give you a fixed price if you prefer.
Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: Personal or business check, bank check or money order, and PayPal are all gladly accepted. At this time, credit cards are not accepted.
Q: Why isn't your phone number listed on your website?
A: I respond to all inquiries personally. Not posting my phone number allows me to work uninterrupted and respond to inquiries in between tasks, in other words to manage my time better. Additionally, using written communication provides a record of what was said, where phone communication requires the additional task of recording critical details. Once I've begun to work on your project, or in many cases long before that, you can call me to discuss it. Often the discussion can be advanced much more quickly over the phone, so it isn't off the table by any means. But the phone is not an appropriate tool for me to field initial inquiries. If you have a project you would like to discuss, click here to begin that process.
Q: I didn't find the answer I was looking for. Can I ask you a question?
A: Certainly. Just use my contact form.
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